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What can YOU do to Break The Wheel?

First and foremost: Contact your School Board District Rep and your County Supervisor

Click the image on the left (or above) to find the contact information of your school board rep.




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What should you say to your elected officials?

Far be it from us to tell anyone what their own opinions should be.   The best approach is to be honest about how redistricting and uncontrolled growth has affected your family.  Long-time residents and short-term residents alike usually have stories in this regard.  

We think that the best way to eliminate the need for any further major redistricting and to fix our infrastructure issues is if the Board of Supervisors and the School Board develop a cooperative, comprehensive plan with a focus on addressing our highest priority needs, schools and roads.  We advocate the possibility of scrapping the current Capital Improvement Plan or CIP to achieve this.    We do not advocate any specific plans for the county except to expedite the construction of the much needed High School #6 in the southern part of the county well before the currently planned 2028 timeframe. We believe this to be a bi-partisan issue as the rapid construction of new housing developments means that supplying adequate educational facilities and infrastructure is the most pressing issue facing Stafford County.

If you believe these things to be true, then please include these talking points in your communications with your elected officials.