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Local Stafford Election Results

Here are the final, unofficial results of today's local election. Provisional ballots will be tallied by the electoral board tomorrow. Normally they wouldn't make a difference, but with the race so close in Garrisonville, they might this time.

Aquia BOS: Shelton

Falmouth BOS: Bohmke

Falmouth SB: Chase

Garrisonville BOS: Dudenhefer

Garrisonville SB: Yeung

Hartwood BOS: Snellings

Congratulations to all of the newly elected county officials!

Local Stafford Election Results - 11/7/2017

Precincts Reporting: 28 0f 28

Board of Supervisors - AQUIA DISTRICT

Yolanda Roussell 1598

Cindy Shelton 2313

Sharon Foley 1261

Write In 111

Board of Supervisors - FALMOUTH DISTRICT

Greg Bundrick 2221

Meg Bohmke 3611

Write In 27

Member School Board - FALMOUTH DISTRICT

Sarah Breedin Chase 3334

Scott Hirons 2417

Write In 26

Member Board of Supervisors – GARRISONVILLE

Laura Sellers 2585

Mark Dudenhefer 2602

Write In 16

Member School Board – GARRISONVILLE

Pamela Yeung 3032

Bart Randall 2074

Write In 27

Member Board of Supervisors - HARTWOOD DISTRICT

Tracey Bell Jr. 3116

Gary Snellings 3548

Write In 45