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Funniest thing I've heard in a while...BTW not relocating to Germany!

It's funny what you hear when you get in this business (not that I make a dime off the blog.) I have been fortunate that many folks around the county trust me enough to send me little tidbits of information. Some items I investigate and write posts on (so keep that good info coming!) Some items sit on the back burner until I have time to get to them. And some just make me laugh.

It should come as no surprise to BTW readers that I am not well liked by certain elected officials. Those who are used to working away on their little plans in the shadows don't particularly appreciate light shining on their activities. Apparently, these elected officials have been in a tizzy of excitement because the "Break The Wheel girl" is moving to Germany.

First of all, last time I checked, I'm a full grown woman. I can do all the cool grown up things like pay taxes, wait all day for the cable guy and regrout my bathtub with the best of 'em. Secondly, it's true, I am moving although I hadn't planned on announcing it to the world in my blog. My husband and I are selling our home in the spring because we are building a new home...right here in Stafford. Much to the disappointment of some, not only am I not leaving the country, I am not leaving the state or county. I am not even leaving the Rock Hill district!

Anyway, I was just tickled beyond belief that some of our elected officials were so excited to be rid of me, I just had to let my readers know. Unfortunately for them, I am not going anywhere. And a bit of advice to those who want me out of the country, the best way to keep your business out of my blog is to keep it on the up and up. Transparency and honesty are all I ask.