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What in the world is going on with Aquia Supervisor Paul Milde?

The last couple of weeks during any campaign season can be dramatic. Candidates typically hold onto their best ammunition until the last minute in order have the biggest effect on election day. But Paul Milde, Stafford's current Aquia Supervisor, isn't even a candidate due to his loss in the House District 28 primary and he is still embroiled in two different kerfuffles.

Campaign kerfuffle # 1:

Last week, large "Milde for Aquia Supervisor" signs started popping up all over the Aquia district (like the one seen below.) It seems some in the district just can't let go of their long-time supervisor and decided that they would try to mount a write-in campaign for Milde. Rumors swirled in Republican circles that Milde might try this very thing back when he lost the primary bid to fellow supervisor, Bob Thomas. Of course, Milde claims to have no involvement in it and released the following statement:

"At least a few of friends and supporters, who already had several of my large signs from past campaigns, have retrofitted them with the words “write in” and put them up around the Aquia district.

Of course, I am flattered that they are having a tough time letting me go but I do not support their efforts. I have had no involvement with this. I have made that clear to them. I will be voting for Cindy Shelton the Republican nominee. I would not want to do anything to split Republican vote."

We will have to take Paul at his word when he says that he has no involvement in this write-in campaign but one has to wonder if Milde tried all that hard to dissuade these devoted followers. Aquia district isn't that big, after all, and if these folks are such huge supporters that they saved Milde's signs from his supervisor run 4 years ago, he probably knows them well enough to call them and tell them in no uncertain terms to knock it off.

As stated in a previous article regarding Laura Sellers' attempt, (or at least those who are using her name) to convince the public that there are Republicans who support her, elected Republican officials can get kicked out of the party for endorsing candidates who are running against a Republican nominee. That would include endorsing oneself in a write-in campaign. This line of thought leads us to....

Campaign Kerfuffle #2:

The image below is a campaign ad for Democrat candidate Gary Skinner, who is running for the supervisor seat in the Lee Hill District in Spotsylvania. Apparently, he has taken a page from Ms. Sellers playbook by taking out an ad in the Free Lance Star naming all of the Republicans in the area who support him. Whose name is at the top, right hand side of the page but none other than Paul Milde.

If Skinner truly has the endorsement of Milde, then this could give the Republican party cause to remove Milde. It is common knowledge that Milde is planning to move to the George Washington district to run for the supervisor seat Bob Thomas would vacate if he wins the HD 28 seat on November 7th. Such a move wouldn't make much sense if he was no longer a member of the GOP.

We will have to wait and see what Milde has to say about this latest development although it's likely that he will, again, deny involvement. It's not clear though if the local GOP will accept a denial this time.