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UPDATE: Lead level results from second test of SCPS water released

As some of you may know, SCPS conducted state mandated tests for lead levels in the drinking water of schools built before 1986 back in August. Unfortunately, that first round of tests was not done properly, so the levels were tested once again. The results of both sets of tests have been released on the SCPS website (click here to view results.) Below you will find a snap of the spreadsheet SCPS released today.

Unfortunately, there are not any accompanying explanations for these test results and what they may mean for your child. Never fear, BTW has got your back. According to the EPA, acceptable levels of lead in drinking water must be below 15 parts per billion OR 15 ug/L. As you can see in the image above, any taps tested at A.G Wright that DO NOT pass this test are highlighted in yellow.

According to the spreadsheet, 6 schools in total have taps with high levels of lead. The schools are:

A G Wright Middle: 14 taps

Drew Middle: 1 tap

Gari Melchers: 1 tap

Garrisonville Elementary: 1 tap

Hartwood Elementary: 1 tap

North Stafford High: 15 taps

The schools tested that have acceptable levels of lead include:

Falmouth Elementary

Ferry Farm Elementary

Grafton Elementary

Stafford Elementary

Widewater Elementary

If your school is not listed, then your school was built after 1986 and it's water will be tested later in the year. There is a discrepancy from the original SCPS release dated August 29th which stated 12 schools were tested. However, only the above 11 are listed in on the results spreadsheet.

So far, there has been no specific release of information regarding exactly how SCPS will address the issue. For now, the plan is to localize the sources and continue to keep the affected closed. From the SCPS website:

"Moving forward, staff and our consultant will continue to follow the EPA protocols to localize potential sources of the lead and finalize a mitigation plan. Staff will continue to suspend the use of drinking from any water fountains/taps that require further evaluation. If needed bottled water has been provided at those locations. Please be assured that all students and staff are safe. Our remaining schools and facilities water sampling will take place over the next six months. "