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Websites and Contact Info for all Candidates in Stafford Races

September 6, 2017

School has started and that can only mean one thing in Virginia, it's election season! All our local candidates should be busy knocking on doors and kissing babies because election day is right around the corner.  BTW has reached out to all the candidates with a list of questions so that local residents can learn more about their options come November 7th.  Responses will be posted in the order received.  Until then, BTW has put together a handy guide of websites and contact info for all the candidates so BTW readers have easy access to information. This list is for Stafford races only.



Board of Supervisors Races



Cindy Shelton (R)  or on Facebook

Yolanda Roussell (D) or on Facebook

Sharon Foley  (I) or on Facebook



Meg Bohmke  (R) or on Facebook

Greg Bundrick  (D) or on Facebook



Mark Dudenhefer (R) or on Facebook

Laura Sellers (D) or on Facebook 



Gary Snellings (R)  Facebook

Tracey Bell, Jr. (D)  Facebook


School Board Races

NOTE: all School Board candidates run as Independents.  

However, some may be endorsed by local parties.



Irene Egan  - Unopposed or on Facebook



Sarah Breedin Chase: or on Facebook

Scott Hirons: or on Facebook



Barton M. Randall or on Facebook

Pamela Yeung or on Facebook



Holly Hazard - Unopposed  Facebook
















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March 1, 2018

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