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More Bad News for Virginia Teachers

I don't normally create posts that just link to other posts but this one goes SO WELL with today's earlier post by Shane Oldenburg, that I had to share.

An article released by Public News Service discussed some information released by the National Education Association that states Virginia has actually fallen to 32nd in the country for educator pay. From the article:

"Steven Lavery teaches government, including advanced placement classes, in Pulaski County. He said even after fourteen years as a public school teacher, he still has to take work at summer camps to support his family. "My wife is also an educator and she has had to take on pretty regular work as well,” Lavery said. “So it's a family of four, two people with advanced degrees, and we have to take on additional work." Critics of pay raises for teachers sometimes argue that educators don't deserve more because they only work nine months a year. But Lavery said that's no longer true. He said for years the summer break has been continually eroded by additional classes, class preparation and professional development."

The article states that there could be as many as 4,000 unfilled teacher positions, according to the Department of Education.

Read the entire article HERE.