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Fireworks didn't end yesterday: Maurer calls out Cavalier on sexist comment in board meeting

The July 5th board meeting was eventful and there is much to report. I will get to that but I had to immediately address one particular bomb that dropped. Let me set the stage:

There was a lot of contentious debate over the course of the 3PM session. After listening to over 20 different public speakers share their very passionate feelings about the ATC deal and Sycamore Grove, the emotional tension in the room was high. Unbeknownst to some in the room, there had been a Community and Economic Development committee meeting earlier in the day that both Supervisors Cavalier and Maurer participated in where tensions ran high. It's not surprising that eventually, something had to give.

As I was busily typing away, I heard Supervisor Maurer state during her turn for comment, that Supervisor Cavalier told her that "there are too many women on the board." She immediately demanded an apology. She did not get one. This happened during the board meeting, right on the dais. Apparently, Cavalier made the comment to Maurer during some comments made by Supervisor Bohmke (also a woman, by the way.) As soon as the footage goes up in the archives, I will link to Maurer's comments here.

It was shocking for two reasons:

1) Supervisors don't typically call each other out on such bad behavior. They are all in it together, after all. I can imagine that it is easier to write off such comments in order to keep the peace.

2) I am sure I don't have to explain the other way it is shocking, just that fact that one supervisor would say this to another is outrageous. It is disrespectful, unprofessional, sexist and really, I think, misogynist. I have to wonder if Supervisor Cavalier believes that there are women who vote in his district. I also wonder if those same women would be willing to vote for him again if they knew about these comments.

As of this moment, the supervisors are in closed session so I can't get a response from Cavalier as to why he would make such a statement. He might say Maurer is lying. I find it exceptionally hard to believe that Maurer would make this up out of nowhere in the middle of a board meeting. He could say that he was joking, not a very funny joke. Either way, I am sure he never imagined that Maurer would actually repeat his words to the rest of the people in the chambers. I imagine he thought he was safe.

Regardless of the reasons behind Cavalier's exceptionally rude statement, Maurer is not the only one who deserves an apology. Supervisors Bohmke and Sellers are both women and have every right to demand one. The rest of the supervisors should be equally offended. These kind of 17th century comments need to go the same way as the horse and buggy and lantern oil.

Update: Cavalier has said that Maurer heard him wrong. He did not elaborate on the misunderstanding as he said it was a private comment.