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Supervisors to address Aquia Towne Center deal questions at upcoming meeting

Happy Independence Day, Wheel Breakers!!

Confusion concerning the upcoming ATC vote continues to swirl. If you would like to learn more about this very complicated issue, please check BTW's posts on the subject HERE and HERE and HERE. As much as I know this information and research are appreciated by most of you, nothing beats hearing the words coming straight from our elected officials mouths. The most needed thing that has been lacking over the past couple of weeks is their thoughts and opinions on the deal. Hopefully, on July 10th, that will change.

Due to the large number of emails received questioning this deal, Danielle Davis, the Chair of the Stafford GOP Committee, has sent out a request to all supervisors to address this issue at their upcoming meeting. As you may know, the majority of our supervisors are Republican with Garrisonville Supervisor Laura Sellers as the lone Democrat on the board. To my knowledge, Rock Hill Supervisor Wendy Maurer and Griffiths-Widewater Supervisor Jack Cavalier will be in attendance. BTW has also gotten confirmation that George Washington Supervisor Bob Thomas will make every effort to be there, although he is traveling from out of state that day.

Of course, not everyone reading this is a member of the Stafford GOP or even a Republican. That is OK, you can still come to the meeting! If you are a Republican, you can learn more about what the committee does and who knows, maybe you will want to join. If you are a Democrat or an Independent you are still welcome to come an listen to the discussion. The only request of non-members is that they not speak or ask questions unless they are given permission to do so by leadership.

Many have expressed an interest in hearing more directly from the supervisors and I feel the same way. These are the people with the most knowledge on the subject and the ones who will ultimately decide whether the deal will move forward. I am informing my readers of this meeting not because I am changing the non-partisan nature of the blog but because it presents a unique opportunity to gain some much needed perspective on this issue. Please don't let the fact that this conversation is happening at a Republican meeting stop you from attending. BTW will be there to cover the meeting if you can't make it.

If you would like your supervisor to attend, please email them and make a request. Included below is the pertinent info regarding the meeting. If you would like to view the Official Call in it's entirety, please visit the Stafford GOP website.