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BIG NEWS re. Aquia Towne Center: The deal on the table has changed

BTW has gotten conformation today that Mosaic has changed the deal that will go in front of the Board of Supervisors next Wednesday. Here are the new relevant details:

1) Mosaic has lowered the amount it is requesting, down to $16.25 million from $18.25 million

2) The time period to pay off the amount requested has been lowered as well, from 30 years to 20 years.

3) According to staff analysis the true cost over time or the Net Present Value (NPV) would be somewhere between $26 and $28 million over the 20 years.

4) Total projected new revenue over 20 years is around $38 million. The new revenue generated for the county over 20 years would then be approximately $12 million.

On first blush, this seems like a much better deal. However, after crunching some numbers, this deal may be far, far worse than you think. More analysis is needed, I can't be certain yet, I need some outside confirmation. Please be on the lookout for a follow up post regarding how we might be better off doing nothing.