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BTW strongly rejects Mr Cavalier's and Mr. Milde's assertion at the BoS meeting that Break T

Since both Mr. Cavalier and Mr. Milde decided to comment on the motives of the Break The Wheel blog in public at the BOS meeting today, I thought I should at least have a chance to respond. To be completely fair, only Aquia Supervisor and Board Chairman Paul Milde mentioned my blog specifically by name, Jack Cavalier did not. However, I was unable to find another likely candidate for the title of "Facebook Nemesis of the ATC." Since the FLS article came out on Sunday, I believe I was the only person to write about the issue before the Tuesday meeting. Unless I am provided with another FB name, I will continue to believe that the "nemesis" reference was aimed at Break The Wheel.

I am doing this completely on my own time, sometimes doing hours of research to try to help the public understand what is going on with our county School Board and Board of Supervisors. Maybe if they would be open and clear about what they are doing, there would be no need for me to spend my time this way. I am simply a citizen with NO agenda and I am NOT running for anything! I have no reason to be dishonest with my readers while these elected officials have every reason. If ANYONE has a question about my motives, please air them in social media, contact me at or on FB.

I am NOT a nemesis of the ATC project, far from it. I question the behind the doors way this deal was made. I want the residents of Aquia Harbor to have a fantastic place to shop as much as they do. I just think there should be public discourse before millions are dedicated to this project,

Apparently, that makes me a bad guy. Apparently, questioning the BoS and getting out the official paperwork that shows exactly what they have been up to makes me someone who is working towards a personal agenda? Only someone who has an agenda would want Stafford County citizens to know the truth.

If these guys think I am going anywhere, they are sorely mistaken. I am here for you, the public, not for any personal gain or any political agenda. It may be hard for Mr. Milde and Mr. Cavalier to understand that people like that actually exist but they do. I am here for the long haul guys, get used to me