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Guess what, we CAN accomplish good things as a group! Winding Creek 500K put BACK to schools!

June 19, 2017



Everybody pat yourselves on the back because we got a win!  BTW has it on good authority that the Winding Creek developers have placed the 500K that was initially taken from schools to go into the PDR fund BACK into school funding!  I don't have the papers to prove it yet but they are on the way and I wanted to get the news out before I take my tiny vacay. Thanks to people like Scott Hirons, Amy Hall at Stafford Growing Pains and all of you for making your voices heard to get the right thing done.


It's a bit of a hollow win because there is a good argument to be made that the development shouldn't happen at all, that our infrastructure woes are too out of control to continue with non-stop building.  But, as BTW has written already, there is still a good chance that this will pass because of the improvements to WC road.  


The BoS will vote on this on June 20th, per the published agenda.  If you have an opinion on this development, please email ALL supervisors.  Find their contact info below:,,,,,,





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Round 1: Cardinal Meadows development and Cluster Ordinance status quo heard by Planning Commission..get a big no thanks

March 1, 2018

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