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More HD 28 race drama: Stimpson's business status now under the microscope

The House District 28 seat just keeps churning out the drama, even up to the bitter end. As you may recall, last week documents came to light that revealed Bob Thomas' business, Capricio Software SCC certification had been revoked (it has since been reinstated.) These documents were released by Susan Stimpson's campaign and now, in an extreme display of irony, it turns out that Ms. Stimpson 's business is also not in the best shape.

According to an article by Daniel Cortez in, Ms. Stimpson has failed to pay her personal property tax and has failed to register her business with the Commissioner of Revenue. From the article: "Agents of the State Corporation Commission today verified the current standing of “The Virginia Dare Group LLC” established in 2014. However according to the Code of Virginia section 58.1-3109 along with Stafford’s mandates, she was required to file and pay taxes on her business property assets all utilized and located at her Hunton Drive address. According to Scott Mayausky, Stafford’s commissioner of the revenue, the actual amount of tax due is basically unknown until Stimpson complies with the law."

This primary election just keeps coming with the surprises, it makes me wonder what tomorrow will bring?