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A list of every race and candidate on the June 13th primary ballot in Stafford

If you are registered to vote, and hopefully you are, then you are eligible to vote in Tuesday's primary, which I am SURE you are planning to do. Both Donkeys and Elephants have choices to make about who their candidate will be in November. Below, you will find the names of the candidates who will be on both the Democrat and Republican ballots on Tuesday. If you are unfamiliar with individuals on your ballot, please take a little time to research the candidates so you can make an informed choice. If you are not certain where to vote, then please click the link HERE to find out where your polling place is.

Republican Ballot


Ed Gillespie

Corey Stewart

Frank Wagner

Lieutenant Governor:

Glenn Davis

Bryce Reeves

Jill Vogel

For those in House District 28:(check the map below to see if you are in HD 28)

Paul Milde

Susan Stimpson

Robert "Bob" Thomas

For those in Aquia District, Board of Supervisors race:

Jason Pelt

Cindy Shelton

Democratic Ballot


Ralph Northam

Tom Perriello

Lieutenant Governor:

Justin Fairfax

Susan Platt

Gene Rossi

For those in House District 2: (check the map below to see if you live in HD2)

Jennifer Foy

Joshua King