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Side-by-Side Factual Analysis of HD 28 candidates, for those voters on the fence

If you have a fave in the House of Delegates race in the 28th District (to replace the retiring Speaker Bill Howell), nothing here is likely to change your mind as you will have surely already seen this information. However, for those of you who just aren't sure who to vote for this coming June 13th, you might be looking for something more than the candidates typical political rhetoric. I find that cold, hard facts can make a big difference when trying to cut through the haze of political jargon. Facts can't be disputed, they simply exist.

BTW is not in the business of making endorsements. The reason the blog was founded was to get facts out to people who want them in order to educate and engage the community. For that reason, we just lay out the info and let you decide for yourself who to endorse. You also will not find political opinions here. If you want to find out what the candidates' political platforms are, please visit their websites. Without further adieu, let's get down to brass tacks.


Paul Milde:

- Owner of Closets Interiors Plus

- Served on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors for Aquia District from 2005-Present, currently serving as Chairman

Susan Stimpson:

- Owner and President of Virginia Dare Group, LLC - Little regarding this business and exactly what it does can be found online, only the SCC information stating that the business is active.

- Served on the Stafford County Board of Supervisors for Falmouth District from 2009-2014, serving as Chairwoman from 2012-2014

Bob Thomas:

- Served in the USMC from 1995-2003 when he was honorably discharged

- President/CEO of Capriccio Software, a business that provides software solutions to various government agencies

- Served on Stafford County Board of Supervisors for George Washington District from 2011-Present. Served as Chairman in 2016.

Legal Entanglements

Paul Milde: Mr. Milde has a long history of legal troubles, as evidenced in this Free Lance Star article from 2005 written by Ruth Finch.

Felony convictions: Mr. Milde has been fairly open about his 1986 felony drug conviction of drug possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. In 1994, he was also convicted of possession of a weapon by a felon, possession of burglary tools and accessory to burglary after the fact. According to Mr. Milde, again from the FLS article, those charges stemmed from his role as a mentor in Narcotics Anonymous when another member confessed illegal activity to Mr. Milde.

Traffic citations/convictions: As further documented in the article, Milde has a slew of traffic convictions. At the time, the article referenced 4 traffic convictions with the last occurring in 2004. A cursory check shows that Mr. Milde has been found guilty or "guilty in absentia" of multiple misdemeanors and infractions in the district courts of Warren, Alexandria, Stafford and Spotsylvania counties throughout the 90's. Unfortunately, Virginia General District courts do not maintain records online that go back much further than 2000, so details and confirmation of these charges would require visiting the courts themselves. The following traffic convictions can be confirmed through the Virginia Circuit Court site.

08/23/2015 Arlington County Case #GT15032656-00 reckless by speed 90/65, guilty

3/29/2013 Fairfax County Case #GT13067651-00 Fail to obey highway sign, guilty in absentia

8/16/2000 Stafford CountyCase #CR00000806-00 reckless driving, guilty

10/26/96 Arlington County Case #CR97000135-00 speeding, guilty

04/04/95 Fredericksburg Case #CR95000228-00 speeding, guilty

12/12/94 Spotsylvania County Case #CR95000248-00 speeding, guilty

Tax Issues: This FLS article written in 2009 by Jonas Beals spells out some entanglements Mr. Milde has had regarding both his personal and businesses taxes. From the article, "Tax records between 1993 and 2009 show that Milde and companies he owns or that bear his name have a history of delinquent county taxes and federal tax liens."

Mr. Milde's tax issues prior to his service on the board may speak to pattern but more concerning are the issues during his service. From the article, "during Milde's time on the board, the county sent him at least 30 delinquent real-estate tax bills on Garrison Woods condominiums owned by McMillion and Milde L.L.C. Closet Interiors Plus, a company owned by Milde, was subject to four federal tax liens while Milde was serving on the Board of Supervisors." The article further alleges that county records show Mr. Milde was often late on paying his taxes on his personal residences. While Mr. Milde's businesses have been subject to multiple tax liens, the most recent "filed in 2007 against Closet Interiors Plus, shows an unpaid balance of $10,647.28 for tax periods in 2005, 2006 and 2007--time that overlaps with Milde's [then] current term on the board. That lien was released Jan. 16, 2008." To be clear, business owners of an LLC, or Limited Liability Corporation are not personally held liable for the business's financial troubles

Campaign Finance Penalties: According to Greg Riddlemoser, Stafford County registrar, Mr. Milde has paid two fees campaign finance fees for the current election cycle totaling $1,100.

Milde for BOS failure to file a (CFDA) routine report (2nd offense this cycle)§ $1000.00 [§ 24.2-947.6A3 and § 24.2-953.2B]·

Milde for HOD failure to file a timely Statement of Organization § $100.00 [§ 24.2-947.1A]·

Susan Stimpson: Ms. Stimpson also has an arrest record, a fact of which many readers are likely aware. To find Ms. Stimpson's explanation for her two arrests, please read the FLS article by Jeff Branscome HERE.

04/06/2016 Fredericksburg Case #GC16001746-00 Arrested for Trespassing at Wegman's, released on own recognizance

June 2016 - Arrested at New York's JFK Airport for walking through emergency only doors, arrest records could not be immediately found, this information comes from Ms. Stimpson herself

Bob Thomas: Breaking news from only 2 days ago: some forms were released that show Mr. Thomas' business, Capriccio Software, had it's license revoked by the State Corporation Commission. The link to the file at the SCC now shows the account as active although BTW is in possession of the file that shows the previous revoked status. The status was revoked for failure to pay a $1700 fee and the accompanying $170 late penalty. In an FLS article by Jeff Branscome, Mr. Thomas has stated that he has asked to be reinstated and it appears that as of this writing, he has cleared up the issue with the SCC.

Traffic citations/convictions: Mr. Thomas got a citation from Stafford County for following too closely.

12/04/2008 Stafford County Case # GT08025644-00 Following Too Closely-Accident

Campaign Contributions

Statistics for campaign contributions from and represent donations since 1/1/2017

Paul Milde:

Of note: While Mr. Milde's campaign contribution total is listed as over 128K in the chart above, that figure is a bit deceptive. 23K of those funds came from his Supervisor campaign. In addition, as you can see below, 55K of that total comes from loans, both from his personal assets and his business, Closet Interiors Plus, Inc. Meaning, the total of independent funds Mr. Milde has raised specifically for his Delegate campaign totals $49,917.

Susan Stimpson:

Of note: Ms. Stimpson did make a very small loan donation to her campaign totaling $851, $478 of which has been repaid. Meaning, of her current available campaign funds, $25,734 come from outside sources.

Bob Thomas:

Of note: Like Mr. Milde, Mr. Thomas also has campaign fund loans to the tune of $16,025. In addition, he made a $2,300 dollar personal cash donation and a $1,600 dollar cash donation from his business, Cappriccio Software Inc. This makes his independent fundraising total $84,151