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Quick between meeting catch-up

The SB did a little switcheroo in meeting places and had the work session in another building so I had to leave the SB work session at 645 to find a good spot at the actual meeting to start at 7Pm. The good news is that the SB has eliminated 2 options, 1 and 5. One was deemed to move too many students and 5 was eliminated because it is a copy of 2, which is what I have been saying for a while. The SB also determined that 1) Embrey Mill North is moving to NSHS and 2) APU 124 will move to MT VIEW, which is a change from Stafford High.

The bad news is that they are still creating options that the people here at the meeting have no idea are even in contention. They have not brought any new APU's, or neighborhoods, into contention but they are trying to tweek the remaining options to make them more viable. When I left, they were at Option 15 so who knows what is going to happen.

The SB is planning on meeting again AFTER this meeting to try to streamline the choices even more. There is a lot more to report but I have to wrap up for now because the actual meeting is starting. The room is almost full at this point and I am guessing it will be standing room only very shortly.

If you are here and would like to say hi, I am on the right side of the room, the second row back from the front group of rows, by the only available plug ;)