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BoS may approve MORE apartments to come to Stafford, just what we need.....

Thanks to Amy Hall, the wonderful mind behind the Facebook page Stafford Growing Pains, we have some more information about a possible change in zoning that would allow for more apartments to come to Stafford. If you are not following Amy's page on FB, you should be. Check it out, link HERE, for more in depth coverage of this specific issue.

Basically, the BoS is considering a change in zoning called the Integrated Corporate and Technology Park (ICTP) zoning overlay. You may have already heard about this, it has been in the paper as the BoS has been discussing it for a while. What the heck is it, you ask, and why should I care?

This change in zoning could potentially allow for a live-work-play type of community, somewhat similar to Stonebridge at Potomac Towne Center in Woodbridge, complete with 4-8 story apartment living. On it's own, creating an "overlay" only takes a large portion of land that has multiple zoning designations and allows those different parcels of land to be merged for a specific use. Not too scary...on it's own. Again, this is in very basic terms, Amy knows a lot more about this so I would refer you to her FB page if you have questions.

Approving the ICTP is a two part process. First, the BoS has to vote to change the Comprehensive Plan, the county Bible if you will that outlines all the county plans for the next 20 years. Then, the BoS has to vote to change the county code. The first part of the process occurred at the BoS meeting on February 4th but only WITHOUT the apartment option included. So far, so good.

However, according to Amy who attends the BoS meetings, some board members had a change of heart and brought up the apartment option for discussion at the March meeting when the second phase of the approval process was to have been voted on.

UH-OH.... The BoS couldn't come to an agreement and has pushed the vote on the issue to May 2nd.

BTW is curious which BoS members changed their mind about bringing this type of growth to Stafford, a county already overwhelmed by a lack of planning for growth. We will let you know when we find out. This kind of development is why we at BTW think it is so important that those of you who are following this issue only in terms of the recent CFHS redistricting initiative remain involved. This problem is much bigger than one high school redistricting initiative!

If you have a problem with a live-work-play community coming to Stafford or just a problem with the BoS approving more apartments, please contact them and let them know. Find all of the contact info HERE.

What are your thoughts on a live-work-play community coming to Stafford?