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My Questions for the School Board

I have been following this issue for a while now and I realized that I have not done what I am encouraging all of you to do, reach out to our School Board directly. To be honest, I have been focusing my efforts on simply getting information, processing it and getting it out to anyone who would listen. As decision time draws nearer, I realize that I need to make my voice heard as well. But I don't have a horse in this race, my kids go to MVHS. My only real consideration is what is best for the county as a whole.

Unfortunately, I don't feel like I have enough information to weigh in yet. There are too many loose ends and not enough hard data. So I put together an email and asked all of our SB members to respond. Below are the questions I wanted answered to help me make my own measured decision.

1) At the work session, you briefly discussed the possibility of moving/eliminating the CGS site at Forge. Obviously, that was a concern of some at the public hearing. Is this something you are genuinely considering? Do you have hard numbers as to exactly how this will affect the Forge population or how it might alleviate the current over-crowding situation?

2) Sticking with the travel student issue, at the work session there seemed to be some confusion as to how these students affect the attendance at any one school. Do you have any data at this time to help elucidate exactly how these travel students affect attendance?

3) I have been told by individuals in the Embrey Mill development that the SCPS projections are exceptionally high, more than double the projections of the developers. Further, I have been told that the developers numbers were outright ignored by the schools when coming up with the school projections. There were some at the public meeting who brought up the idea that, relatively speaking, families in EM skew more towards the young side and won't have nearly the high school students to send to Forge when the neighborhood is finally built out. Were the developers projections considered? Do you have any reason to believe that the SCPS projections for EM neighborhood are flawed?

4) Regarding the 6 options: How likely is it that you will actually pick one of these options? Do you think it is likely that you will make changes to the current options before voting and if so, will the public have a sufficient chance to express their opinions regarding the changes? Is there any possibility that you will make a drastic change to the current plans, like moving the Stafford Lakes neighborhood, which was raised at the public hearing?

What questions do you want answered? Let me know and I will follow up with the SB.