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Did you think the School Board came up with 7 Options? Think again....

So, I am just buzzing along, spending my Saturday crunching the School Board's numbers that were released on Friday because I am undoubtedly a very weird individual with odd recreational habits, when I noticed something strange. Let's see if you, my eagle-eyed readers, can spot the something strange in the images below:

These images come from the option breakdowns that the SB released on Friday, you can find the documents HERE. Keeping in mind that APU's in blue go to MVHS, in green go to SHS and in red go to NSHS, what do you notice about these two lists?

If you are an astute reader, and I know that you are, you will notice that these lists are exactly the same. These options that the SB came up with are the SAME OPTION.

Surely, this is some sort of mistake, I am missing something, I thought to myself. Let's look at a bit more evidence from the SCPS documents.

Below are the projected attendance numbers for CFHS that accompany the 2 different options above.

You can see that we have a couple of small differences here. For some reason, the projected number of students coming from Embrey Mill North is changed to 216 on the bottom spreadsheet. Also, the number of students coming from APU 142 is listed as 56 in the first spreadsheet but 55 in the second. These could be input errors or they could be errors that were somehow generated by the formulas utilized in the spreadsheets, it's impossible for us to know. However, these small differences could have kept SCPS from realizing that there was no difference in the 2 options, because there are a couple small differences in the capacity percentages, see below.

Unless I am missing something, these 2 options are indeed the very same option. I feel like I should have caught this a lot sooner and for that I am sorry. I do give myself a bit of a pass because this is not my job, I am not paid, I am the weirdo crunching SCPS numbers on a Saturday afternoon. I am a little annoyed that the people who DO get paid to get this information out to you weren't paying enough attention to figure out that 2 of the options were exactly the same.

So, in effect, the SB only came up with 6 options at the 3 hour work session. From now on, until I am told differently by someone who has information that shows clearly how these two options differ, I will report on them as Option 2/5.

As always, please reach out to your SB elected officials and tell them what you think about the 6 options. Find their contact information HERE.