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OFFICIAL Options information posted on the School Board website!!

February 24, 2017

The options have finally been posted on the SB website.  Find the 7 Options Spreadsheet HERE and the Pivot Table HERE.


This info is no different than the info I posted yesterday HERE.  The only difference is that the spreadsheet has been cleaned up and clarified.  Now everyone has the same information and we can all truly start digesting and discussing the options.  Please don't forget our unofficial Option 8: Do Nothing.  The SB should also be posting some maps with more info, BTW will be on the lookout and will post the info as soon as it becomes available.


Below is a map that shows all the APU's (neighborhoods) potentially affected by redistricting. See our analysis post HERE to see a map of each option.  Find a breakdown of all the options, without having to hunt and peck through the SB spreadsheet, below the map.  




Option 1:

To MV: APU 117, APU 142, APU 143, APU 164 Augustine North, APU 187 (265 students)

To NS: APU 163 (all but Liberty Knolls), 166 Autumn Ridge (222 students)


Option 2:

To MV: APU 117,APU 142, APU 143, APU 187 (124 students)

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North (215 students)



Option 3:

To MV:  APU 117, APU 142, APU 163 (all but Liberty Knolls), APU 187 (214 students)

To NS:  APU 166 Embrey Mill North, APU 166 Autumn Ridge (300 students)



Option 4:

To MV: APU 117, APU 142, APU 163,(all but Liberty Knolls) APU 187 (214 students)

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North (215 students)



Option 5:

To MV: APU 117 , APU 142 , APU 143, APU 187 (138 students)

To NS:APU 166 Embrey Mill North  (215 students)


Option 6:

To MV: APU117, APU142, APU143, APU187, APU 164 Augustine North (265 students)  

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North  (215 students)


Option 7:


To MV:  APU 117, APU 142, APU 143  (130 students) 

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North and South (276 students)



APU 124 to Stafford High School on ALL options (15 students)





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