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Official School Board Documents Regarding CFHS 7 Options Released (sort-of?)

February 23, 2017

Last night, BTW found that the School Board had released (more on that in a moment) the official option choice documents to their website.  The documents that were found are not particularly easy to dissect but they do spell out the various 7 options the School Board landed on during the work session.   Pictures of the documents are below, if you would like to access the links directly they are available HERE (CFHS Pivot Table)and HERE (CHFS Options.)


On the positive side, this is a good thing considering that the public hearing for citizens to express their opinions about the options is in a week.  It is pretty hard to have an opinion when you have no information so this is a step in the right direction.


Unfortunately, these documents look a bit confusing.    The "CFHS Options" Table has 10 "Options Sets" for some reason.  The best guess is that initially, the SB wanted to come up with 10 options at the work session and this form reflects that.  However, the SB only came up with 7 so please disregard the columns after "Option Set 7."


Additionally, these forms have since been removed from the redistricting website, maybe because they are are not at all clear or maybe because they reflect incorrect information. Regardless, we were able to capture the images and in the interest of getting all of the information out to those who may be interested, we are sharing them.  We will continue to monitor the SB site for any additional documents.


According to the forms below, these are the options in contention.  These vary only very slightly from what BTW has posted, both in Option 1 and 7.  Once the SB permanently posts their options on their site, all revisions on BTW will be made.


Option 1:

To MV: APU 117, APU 142, APU 143, APU 164 Augustine North, APU 187 (265 students)

To NS: APU 163 (all but Liberty Knolls), 166 Autumn Ridge (222 students)


Option 2:

To MV: APU 117,APU 142, APU 143, APU 187 (124 students)

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North (215 students)



Option 3:

To MV:  APU 117, APU 142, APU 163 (all but Liberty Knolls), APU 187 (214 students)

To NS:  APU 166 Embrey Mill North, APU 166 Autumn Ridge (300 students)



Option 4:

To MV: APU 117, APU 142, APU 163,(all but Liberty Knolls) APU 187 (214 students)

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North (215 students)



Option 5:

To MV: APU 117 , APU 142 , APU 143, APU 187 (138 students)

To NS:APU 166 Embrey Mill North  (215 students)


Option 6:

To MV: APU117, APU142, APU143, APU187, APU 164 Augustine North (265 students)  

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North  (215 students)


Option 7:


To MV:  APU 117, APU 142, APU 143  (130 students)  163 APU removed

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North and South (276 students)



APU 124 to Stafford High School on ALL options (15 students)






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