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7 options devised by School Board for redistricting Colonial Forge

February 17, 2017

It was a very long, 3 hour work session at the school board chambers this evening.  In the end, the School Board came up with 7 options to be presented to the public for review.  Look for a rundown of the various commentary from the meeting here.  This post will only list the options.


TO BE VERY,  VERY CLEAR, these options are not final!  All options will be reviewed further: maps will be created, transportation issues will be analyzed and the pros and cons of each option will be determined.  These options were referred to as "talking points" by the board and in the end, it's possible none will be chosen in their present form.  The point here is to try not to over-react if you see your neighborhood in the mix to be redistricted, do not panic. Things are still very much up in the air.


Further, these options should be viewed as unofficial until the SB Officially announces the options on their website.  During the SB work session, it was sometimes difficult to hear certain individuals, to determine who was saying what and also to determine exactly where the board had fallen on the various options.  They were speaking to each other like you would in a meeting and not repeating themselves as you would to a crowd.  We here at BTW believe we have things right bu


However, there are some common threads running through the options and by taking them in aggregate, it may shed some light on where this particular redistricting initiative will go. Numbers of students are taken from attendance projections for the 2020-21 school year.  The map that was handed out for reference at the meeting was not immediately found online.


Disclaimer:  These options should be viewed as unofficial until the SB officially announces the options. There were some issues in the first part of the meeting with the audio making it difficult to discern what was being said by certain individuals.   Since the board members were speaking to each other like you would in a meeting and not repeating themselves as you would to a crowd, some things may have been missed. BTW is hopeful that everything was transcribed correctly but we acknowledge there may be a mistake.  Also, the School Board was referencing a computer spreadsheet program they were utilizing to move APU's (neighborhoods) and see how those moves would change enrollment numbers.  The video resolution in the viewing room was poor so the spreadsheet data could not be viewed by the public.  


One other detail to keep in mind, any "students" moved from Embrey Mill North are future students, not students currently attending SCPS.  Moving these "students" from CFHS does not do anything to relieve attendance numbers in the short term.


Without further ado, here are the options in no particular order of preference (find the APU neighborhood key at the bottom of the page):


Option 1:

To MV: APU 117, APU 142, APU 143, APU 187 (124 students)

To NS:  APU 163 (all but Liberty Knolls),  APU 166 Embrey Mill North (355 students)


Addendum to Option 1:  The Free Lance Star is reporting that APU 166 is only in 6 of the options and that APU 164 Augustine North is in 2 options.  Find the FLS article on the work session here.  FLS did not outline all the options as we have here so we have to guess at where the differences lie.  BTW believes that the differences occurs in option 1, where many ideas were thrown out for discussion. While we think we have it right, we acknowledge we may have it wrong.  In the interest of making sure we have all information available, here is a breakdown of the option 1 we believe FLS is reporting. We won't know for sure which is correct until the SB reveals the options officially.  


Option 1 alternate:

To MV: APU 117, APU 142, APU 143, APU 164 Augustine North, APU 187 (265 students)

To NS: APU 163 (all but Liberty Knolls)  (140 students) APU 166 Embrey Mill North removed from above option 1  scenario


Option 2:

To MV: APU 117,APU 142, APU 143, APU 187 (124 students)

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North (215 students)



Option 3:

To MV:  APU 117, APU 142, APU 163 (all but Liberty Knolls), APU 187 (214 students)

To NS:  APU 166 Embrey Mill North, APU 166 Autumn Ridge (300 students)



Option 4:

To MV: APU 117, APU 142, APU 163,(all but Liberty Knolls) APU 187 (214 students)

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North (215 students)



Option 5:

To MV: APU 117 , APU 142 , APU 143, APU 187 (138 students)

To NS:APU 166 Embrey Mill North  (215 students)


Option 6:

To MV: APU117, APU142, APU143, APU187, APU 164 Augustine North (265 students)

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North  (215 students)


Option 7:


To MV:  APU 117, APU 142, APU 143, APU 163,(all but Liberty Knolls) (264 students)

To NS: APU 166 Embrey Mill North and South (276 students)



APU 124 to Stafford High School on ALL options (15 students)


APU Neighborhood Key


APU 117: Peppermint Forrest, Locklear's Landing

APU 124: Lake Estates, Cain SD

APU 142: Waters Edge, Lakeland Forrest, Manor Wood, Saratoga Wood

APU 143: Summerset, Oaks at Rocky Run, Rivers Edge, Frank Martin Farm, Sale Heights,

                Hampshire,Cypress, Silvergate, Scotts Ridge, Old Banks, Maple Grove, Berea Estates,

                Rappahannock, Wellington, Berry Hill, Berry Hill, Holly Corners

APU 163: (Does NOT include Liberty Knolls) Georgetown East, Tall Oaks, Arbor Glen,

                 Marshall Estates, Stowe of Amyclae, Berkshire

APU 164: Augustine North ONLY

APU 166: Embrey Mill North, Embrey Mill South

APU 187: Abel Lake, Lake Ridge


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