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Breaking the Wheel

After listening to the people at the Rock Hill Town Hall Meeting last night, we here at Break the Wheel realize that this situation can no longer stand. For years, the School Board and the Board of Supervisors have existed as separate entities with no cooperation or planning to speak of. The result is a heartbreaking cycle of redistricting every couple of years that is tearing our neighborhoods and their residents apart. Band-aid after band-aid is applied to a gaping bullet wound while those with the power to stop the bleeding stand idly by. We simply can't abide it any longer, it needs to stop. Like they say on Game of Thrones, we can't just stop the wheel, we must break the wheel.

Regardless of what happens with this particular redistricting, until the underlying issues are addressed, this cycle will just continue unless our representatives on the Board of Supervisors and the School Board are held accountable for their lack of leadership. This can no longer be about whether one's own individual family is directly affected, we are all affected. Granted, some of the people who caused this mess are no longer in the positions they once held but the organizations themselves need to acknowledge their role in the disservice they have done to our community by allowing all of these homes and neighborhoods to be built with no plans for the schools or infrastructure to support it. Accountability, followed by implementation of a long-term, cooperative plan between the BOS and the School Board are what will end the madness.

We are asking you to help spread the word that we need to band together as a community to "break the wheel" of redistricting. We are not asking you to agree on any specifics or to espouse any particular plan. It doesn't matter what your political ideology is, this issue transcends D vs R. All I am asking is that we attempt to apply the necessary pressure to our various elected officials to get this problem solved once and for all. Our elected officials only have power if we give it to them and they know it. We need to make them understand that they work for us and not the other way around. We need to remind them that we will not stand for this issue to keep languishing while it decays and poisons our community. Once we hold some feet to the fire, then elected officials start to get uncomfortable and that is the only way to get them to fix this problem.