Apr 4, 2018

Obtaining Remnant Resurrected Warrior Set?




I suppose the title is a bit more vague than I like and I honestly never envisioned something driving me to use the forums at all especially with the username I so badly wish I could change, but that's besides the point. that said, sorry if there's a better section for this but I couldn't see one particularly suited. I want to establish first that I didn't make this post without asking around and doing a bit of research. I know Remnant Resurrected Warrior set drops out of Alliance Supply Crates, and I did obtain a single piece of the set - the legs - while trying to find it (however I forgot what crate I actually got it from). From what I'm told, the military crates are the ones that give Trooper and Warrior gear, so I narrowed my search down to just those crates to save time. I'm aware the crates are entirely RNG but I think there's something more to it, because I've opened roughly 60 of these crates and haven't found a single piece of the set.

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