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Round 1: Cardinal Meadows development and Cluster Ordinance status quo heard by Planning Commission..get a big no thanks

March 1, 2018

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Stafford County politics is an enigma, a mystery that great scholars of the future will study, ponder to themselves and think....quoi?  That is certainly my reaction after the recent meetings of the Stafford County School Board.  But before we jump i...

Sometimes watching county meetings is absurdly boring.  I mean, eye-watering, yawn-inducing, God-please-end-it-all-now boring.  Seriously, the next time you encounter these public officials who serve our county for peanuts, please thank them for endu...

The Planning Commission will be taking comments from the public regarding the potential repeal of the county cluster ordinance tonight.  My guess is the vast majority of folks reading this, and you are a group more involved than most,  have never see...

Sorry but I call BS 

Hey guys, I've apparently struck a chord with this blog.  It seems the citizens of Stafford actually respond to news targeted directly at them, which is fantastic.  I think it's great that people want to be involved in county busi...

 Click the image above to watch the WUSA 9 story 

Due to the efforts of some frustrated Aquia residents, the sad story of the Aquia Towne Center is back in the news.  BTW has covered this issue extensively, you can read more about it ...

 New Supervisor Tom Coen, shown here in between two former supervisors;

Susan Stimpson, who looks like she doesn't buy your flim-flam for one minute, mister, and HD 28 Rep Bob Thomas, who looks like he's trying to remember if he left the gas on

It is o...

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